Education for Children Living with Disability.
Category : Project

Our project, Education for Children Living with Disability, is a self-sustaining effort, where members of community mutually work for the community without any external support. This project is targeted to re-integrate out-of-school, children living with disability from the poor families into formal education process. This project is currently being implemented and is expected run for a year.

We envision addressing the issue by our project on integrating the women and children into formal education through the active role and support from private boarding schools running in Kathmandu. The private boarding schools that can support these children’s education will be mapped, as per their interest and part of their social responsibility. On second stage, the children will be mapped and identified, and will be oriented on need of education in their lives. They are also provided with psycho-social counseling services and other motivational programs to help them prepare to integrate into the schooling and hostel-living environment. After the necessary preparations, children’s are integrated into a school; the work is to be supported by establishing MoUs with the respective schools.

Public schools Governance Program for Transparency and Accountability.
Category : Project

We have been running a campaign since last year to hold the management and personnel of public schools of our community accountable. At the end of every fiscal year, we organize a social audit and a public hearing inviting students, parents and stakeholders to discuss the performance and financial transparency issues, whereby the management committee, head teacher and teachers have to answer. To date, two editions of such programs have been concluded in four schools in our community and we are looking to expand to reach all school in our locality. The primary beneficiaries from these events will be the students and parents, and the entire community will be benefited at large. We have been able to collect support from the respective district agencies like District Education office and also been in close consultation with Ministry of Education.

The impact of these programs are yet to be assessed, but the sense of being accountable to the general public has gone high among the stakeholders directly associated with the public schools. One of the immediate outcomes was increase in pass percentages of the students studying in those schools and now the teachers too have been conscious about the teaching behaviors. The problems and issues that came over during the events were lack of infrastructure and training for the teachers, on which, we have been working to develop an advocacy plan to carry the issue further. Nepal spends around 20 per cent of its total budget (amounting to around 6 billion USD) every year, of which major proportion goes to public schools. This figure also suggests that the cost per child in school education is increasing every year, and the maximum cost goes towards meeting teachers’ salaries (Flash Report, 2014). Thus, this project primarily targets on holding the schools personnel accountable and the entire school governance and management accountable.

Library Construction
Category : Project

Establish in 2012, located in the Jorpati VDC, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is held to support and augment learning, teaching, and research by providing a good environment for studying and to delivering an efficient and quality library services through well-trained staff, outstanding collections and interactive facilities for the community.
This proposal includes a detailed solution to the problems that Jorpati Community Library encountered at present. Besides, we have included a detailed implementation plan and budget requirement for your reference, so that you may consider having some feasibility on our proposal.
The following are some major problems encountered:
• Inefficient of the current manual operating system
• Lack a centralized control of data
• Not able to handle the large increase of workload in the future

In order to solve the problems, there are some possible suggestions to fit your needs. The main theme of the solutions is as follows:

• Fully computerized library system
• A centralized control server
• High speed system that is able to handle numerous process at the same time

We do believe that this project can bring Jorpati Community Library as Jorpati community digital library to a new generation and providing both quantitative and qualitative services to our community.