CAMPAIGN FOR EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS-NEPAL(CEAN) is a nonprofit social educational organization, which serves through membership, educational awareness, training’s, seminars, workshops, conference, community library and campaign program dedicated to the community and public purpose of furthering access to the worlds information and literate people.

CEAN is a national social organization formed to conduct different activities that could enrich awareness in society in order to change it as more conscious and civilized. It has included members from East to West and aimed to include all the Nepali citizens spreading around the globe. As diverse the Nepali society is, this organization is also run by the members from different ethnic, cultural and economic background. It is most important aspect of this organization. The inclusive nature of this organization makes it dynamic as well as easier to run its activities.

CEAN was established in 2012. It is legally registered with the District Administration Office in Kathmandu under the Act of 2049 BS. (CDO registration #447/2069/2070, and is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (Affiliation #36223).
CEAN is independent of any government, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, social justice and non-violent solutions and nonprofit oriented organization above political ideology, economic interest, religion or any form of ethnocentric blazes. It is concerned solely with the protection and promotion of the Quality Education of Nepal. This organization mobilizes volunteer activists and resource persons to work unite for a better World.


Basic principles and values are the core of every organization. These are its “character,” distinguishing it from others. As part of our responsibility to our many supporters, we commit to achieving our mission with objectivity, transparency and accountability and to follow democratic norms and processes in all of our plans and actions. We share our core values here.

Our Mission

Cean  strive to achieve the full educated status for all the underprivileged, disadvantage children by empowering their families, motivating the community, Improving good governance on public/government for accountability and transperancy, running and maintaining public and government library and other educational infrastructure through awareness program on quality education.

Our goals

  • Increase access to education for children in Nepal
  • Free and compulsory, quality public basic education for all children
  • Increased provision of quality early childhood education and care
Improve the quality of education available in the country
Improve Transparency/Accountability through good governance
  • Democratic participation of, and accountability to, civil society, including teachers and their unions, in education decision making at all levels
  • Empower Community youth to achieve their potential
Enable girls in Community to receive equal treatment and education

 How we achieve our goals

  • We take a highly personal approach to the children and families we serve, even when that takes more time and energy.
  • We emphasize the development of personal and social responsibility in the children we support.
  • We support only children who have no other opportunity for education or a better life.
  • We  support and promote management and personnel public/private schools accountability and transperancy through good governance.
  • We serve Nepalese children and hire staff without regard to caste, religion, disability, ethnicity, or political affiliation. We actively foster tolerance and diversity.
We are non-proselytizing and unaffiliated with any religious group.

How we develop and implement programs and commitments

We take seriously the trust that a dependent child places in us. We ensure that we have the necessary financial and logistical stability before we take on children who will depend entirely on u.We will not abandon these children once they enter our fold (they have been abandoned enough in their lives). Likewise, we ensure that we have sufficient logistical and financial support in launching programs before making promises to Nepalese communities.
Since we cannot do everything, we do thoroughly what we can do – whether a small act or a major program – from inception to completion and follow-up. We manage CEAN’s growth carefully, developing programs in the context of local need, potential, and participation – not in terms of organizational ambition. We favor “slow but sure” growth that involves Nepali communities and organizations. At the same time, we value our nimble ability to act quickly – and strategically – exactly when needed.
We prioritize interventions that can make significant, enduring Underprivileged children’s lives. For this reason we emphasize education, the only way an orphaned or poor child in Nepal can break out of the cycle of poverty. We creatively “bundle” our interventions with sustainability measures.

Because we are passionate about our mission, we are fiscally prudent, working “in the white” so we are able to deliver on our commitments.
We take great pride in stretching the reach of every help donated to us. Because we work in a developing country, we can accomplish so much within our budget. We feel enormously responsible to our donors’ generosity. We see ourselves as the “arms and legs” of people around the world who want to help children. These people – our donor partners – have expressed their value, entrusting their intentions with us. We keep our donors informed of the outcomes they make possible.
In Nepal, we are astute but generous in sharing resources, whether logistical or financial, with other Nepalese efforts to help Underprivileged and disadvantaged children and families. We operate with integrity, transparency, and high ethical standards. While we are motivated by compassion, we carry out our work with professionalism. Underlying CEAN’s work is a group of capable professionals who bring years of experience and skill to our mission. Our work involves not only love for children but development of systems, follow-through, and endless details, all tuned toward the single goal of enhancing our ability to help the Students and children’s.

Our Capacity

 We evaluate our programs regularly to determine how they can be more effective. The evaluations include measuring the outcomes of each program on the children we help, their parents, and their communities, comparing these outcomes to similar metrics in previous years, and comparing the health and academic progress of children and students we support to the national averages in Nepal. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive evaluation from every five years, the Social Welfare Council of the government of Nepal evaluates our organization every five years. Please contact us at ceannepal@gmail.com if you would like more information.

Message from Chairman

Campaign For Educational Awareness Nepal (CEAN) is national social organization specially meant for Nepalese, to involve them into social activities as their duties towards the society and nation as well. CEAN is also endeavors to provide youth a platform from where they can raise their voice against social evils and speak out their mind for the betterment of the society. CEAN is committed to come up as an organization to reckon with at the International national level.










Scholarship for Earthquake Victims Students-2015
Category : Work

On the wake of massive earthquake-2015 in Nepal, thousand of live has been lost and thousand of people have been suffering completely. Accordingly our government schools and private sectors schools are also completely affected by devastating earthquake. With the mission to help victims Students, We meet with the people of sindupalchok district, having some conversation we came to know that lots of community from sindulpalchok are shifting from their homeland to kathmandu for the temporary shelter. Nearly 300 people are taking advantages of this shelter provided by social activist Dr, Ganesh Yonjon, for temporary basic. Similarly we council them for scholarship scheme that has been provided by our organization. After the counseling we collect all the supported document needed for scholarship scheme. Nearly we provided 50 earthquake victims full scholarship with educational materials in Khadgendra Nabajeevan Bishesh Shickcha, Narayantar, Kathmandu.

Volunteer Mobilization in Earth Quake affected Areas.
Category : Work

In the wake of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday, April 25, there has been an international outpouring of support. People around the world are eager to find out how they can contribute to the relief effort.
We’ve witnessed this firsthand. Over the past few days, we’ve been utterly overwhelmed with inquiries from prospective applicants asking if we can send them to Kathmandu to lend a hand. In the wake of such a tragic event, it’s inspiring to see so many people reaching out to help in any way they can. Indeed, it reaffirms something we learned a long time ago in our line of work. The human race are – above all else – a people of compassion.

So far CEAN-Nepal has mobilized 100 plus volunteers in Kathmandu and Sindhupalchowk Districts in co-ordination with Ministry of Youth & Sports, Nepal for relief materials delivery, Debris clearance and to assist in rehabilitation and management of scholarship and skill based trainings for earth quake victim children’s.

Educational Supports Program for poor, disable and orphan students.
Category : Work

This Year with the support of Hindu Shoyam Sayvak Sang our organization distribute educational material to the Earthquake victims students of the district. The materials was distributed to the students reading in primary and lower secondary level. The materials include school dress, shoes,, brush, tooth paste, bag, copy, pencil, soap etc.
We distributed 1500 bags , copies, and other materials to the earthquake victims students of Kathmandu valley. Nearly 1500 students were benefited by this program.
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